Dear Client


Amid COVID-19 outbreak being considered as a global pandemic, Agile Italian Services is trying to undertake all necessary measures to take care of its employees & customers.


In line with the current scenario & considering lockdown situation, we request you to use SMS, WhatsApp and email to contact us so that we can ensure seamless services in order to cope up with the current challenge. We will check all the emails and messages and we ask you to be patient for the answer.


WhatsApp/SMS: +92 307 5526170



We need your patience and understanding to go through this tough time, together.

Agile is deeply saddened for the affected communities & request all of you to take necessary precautions to fight this challenge together.


However to have an evaluation please send your documents scanned and we will be back to you. Documents must be printed on our letterhead and sent by courier, therefore we can keep in file your translation and print them as soon as the city will be back to the normal routine. 


We sincerely wish you all the good words for the days ahead.


Agile staff


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